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Migration from iframe v3 API

This page is designed to help clients migrate from the deprecated older version of LIQA to the current one. This page contains information for clients, utilising LIQA v3 API, described in previous documentation.

Versions Comparison Summary

Featureprevious (iframe v3)current (web component v6)
Delivery methodCDNCDN
Integration methodiframeweb component
Image format by defaultbase64blob
User Interfaceincluded, old designincluded, new design
Option to upload image from device gallerynoyes, optional

Migration Steps


We recommend to fully remove the previous LIQA version integration from the code of your application before start.

  1. Start by following the Quick Start integration with default settings
  2. Add a function to perform image conversion from blob to base64 to match the /upload SaaS API.
  3. If your application allows users to upload images from the device gallery, allow this option in the new LIQA by default and remove this feature from your application code.
  4. Customize the LIQA interface style and texts. See UI styling and text replacement documentation pages.
  5. Add error handling logic.
  6. Test your application on mobile devices. Check system requirements for the best performance.
  7. Check our recent updates regularly on the What's new? page.

Features Compatibility Notes

Cache LIQA content

The previous version (v3) offered a way to cache LIQA iframe content by setting the Cache-Control header. The current version (v6) does not support this feature and we recommend to remove it from your code.

Change appearance

The previous version (v3) offered a way to change selected colors by passing a "style" dictionary object via iframe.contentWindow.postMessage. The current version (v6) supports inline CSS styles or external CSS stylesheets via styles API. Check more on the UI styling documentation page.

Catch events and errors

The previous version (v3) offered a way to receive a limited list of events and errors by subscribing to .data.status observable via window.onmessage. The current version (v6) offers a more verbose and structured API to catch events and errors, see LIQA Event Map documentation page. Please, note that the events structure and error codes have changed.

Exit LIQA session

The previous version (v3) offered a way to exit LIQA iframe by injecting the "Exit" command via iframe.contentWindow.postMessage. The current version (v6) does not support this feature.