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System Requirements

LIQA is primarily designed to be utilized on modern smartphone (mobile) devices in web environment. This page describes the requirements for a smooth LIQA experience. The provided information is valid for the moment of writing - Q1 2024.

Requirements for Device

Smartphones and Tablets

Here is an upper-level overview of recommended devices by most popular manufacturers.

ManufacturerTypeRecommended DevicesKey limitation for older devices
AppleMobileiPhone 8, X and newerRequired OS version is not supported
AppleTabletiPad 5th gen, Pro and newerRequired OS version is not supported
SamsungMobileGalaxy S20, similar and newerRequired OS version is not supported
Insufficient performance
SamsungMobileGalaxy A52, A72, similar and newerInsufficient RAM amount
Insufficient performance
SamsungTabletGalaxy Tab S7, similar and newerInsufficient camera resolution
Insufficient performance
XiaomiMobileMi 9, Note 9, similar and newerRequired OS version is not supported


Did not find the required manufacturer or the exact device? Please, check the technical limitations section to compare your device with the actual limits.


LIQA is not recommended for usage on desktop devices in production because of 2 main reasons:

  1. Insufficient spatial resolution of majority of embedded web cameras, see limitations.
  2. Usually stationary positioning of the desktop device limiting the end-user capabilities to improve the light and position.

If your setup allows to overcome the problems, mentioned above, it might be possible to effectively use LIQA on desktop. Please, check the supported browsers list.


Here is a list of the investigated limitations that should be taken into account when choosing LIQA for your target audience.

Insufficient camera resolutionCamera must have min 5Mp resolution for correct texture representation
Required OS version is not supportediOS > 16, Android > 11.0 are required for some web API. See more details in list of supported browsers
Insufficient RAM amountiOS-powered devices must have min 3Gb RAM, Android-powered devices min 6Gb RAM for AI execution
Insufficient performanceCPU+GPU/NPU must have enough computational resources for AI exectuion

Requirements for Environment

Supported browsers

Here is an upper-level overview of supported most popular browsers.

BrowserBrowser VersionsFunctionality StatusKnown Issues
Safari Mobile16.3-16.7, 17.0-17.3✅ Functional-
Safari Mobile16.1, 16.2✅ Functional🟨 No focus auto-switch feature for back camera
Safari Mobile15.4, 15.5🟧 Degraded🟧 Degraded real-time performance
🟨 Interface display issues in small containers
🟨 No focus auto-switch feature for back camera
Chromelast 5 versions✅ Functional-
Samsung Internet21-25✅ Functional-
Firefoxlast 5 versions✅ Functional-
Edgelast 5 versions✅ Functional-

Need Help?

Did not manage to find the answer on this page? Please, reach the HautAI support team with a specific inquiry.